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Our mission is to provide users with great and reliable Windows 10 and Android apps, that would help to solve a wide range of tasks. PDF Assistant PRO allows you to work with PDFs quickly, easily, and conveniently. You can edit, annotate, view and share PDFs on desktop, mobile or tablet. Whether you’re highlighting text in a document, signing a contract, editing mock-up or just reading a book, PDF Assistant PRO is always for your service.

With Conversion Suit Apps you can easily convert different types of files, merge them and compress without loss of quality.

In its turn Share me Files is a Free sharing application that called to release the user from the routine of registration and managing of files. With only one click you can share a file between your devices or with another user. Also, you can customize upload options, such as notifying the receiver by e-mail, changing storage period, deleting the file right after downloading and others. All this makes Share me Files handy and helpful in everyday life or at work.

All apps have intuitive and beautiful designs, that allow you to focus on your tasks and solve them with pleasure and without any troubles.
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